Gabby Cantero’s initial forays into portraiture have pushed her name in Manila’s publishing industry, enabling her to extend her portfolio with shoots for prominent publications such as Preview, Rogue, and The Philippine Star. Gradually, though, she eventually winnowed her focus down to what she loves most: food. She has now spent 3 years in food photography, with her year spent studying culinary arts in 2006 guiding her eye on how each shot should center on the meat of the matter: the food. For Gabby, food photography is about enjoyment, using common environments and accessories—be it napkins, cutlery, or even crumbs—not to just merely compose or arrange a meticulous shot but to create a sense of familiarity and homeliness—two things that create the perfect dish. 

Represented by Substance.

Sony Alpha Ambassador 2017

Services Offered:

  • Food & Product Photography
  • Commercial Directing
  • Creative Consultancy
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